LEDLED Lighting components

Whether a single LED or a programmed sequence, our LED units are sure to light up the way to your successful promotion. With a range of colours, sequences and models available Quest offer the complete lighting solution. We our feel our LED units are the best quality on the market… Find out more



LED-PanelsFlexible LED Strip Lighting

Super bright, these strips are available in 2035, 3014, 3528, 5050 and 335 diodes • All with 3M self adhesive tape to the reverse • Supplied cut to your exact specification and soldered to your choice of connectors and power supply • Splitters available for multiple strips to 1 power supply. Find out more


Moving displays are a guaranteed eye catcher so why not bring motion to your displays using one of our sturdy motors.  Our motors can create a basic rotation, a back and forth motion and an up and down motion.  We stock 5 and 12rpm as standard but can custom make to your exact speed and specification if required. Find out more

LCDLCD Screens

The perfect advertising tool, our LCD media players are completely customized to your exact specification.  Whether till, shelf or display mounted these are perfect for getting… Find out more

Sound-unitsSound Units

Fully programmed with your custom sound or phrase our sound units are a great way of communicating your direct in-store message at the point of sale… Find out more

countdown2Countdown Clocks

Whether it’s the countdown to Christmas or the launch of a new product, Countdown clocks are a fantastic way to interact with your consumer and create an interest in-store. Find out more

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